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    Dec 23, 2013
    Hello everyone.

    When I was a young child we owned a Macintosh Performa 450 (with an astonishing 4MB ram and 120MB HDD) and an external CD-ROM. We got this somewhere around 1993 and I used until 1995-1996. Finder 7 I believe.

    One day I remember I got this amazing game (at least what I thought then) that was a shareware RPG. It was a top-view RPG where you started in a castle. Your soldier jumped around from tile to tile with a certain lack of animations in between the movements (it was a real choppy experience). :p I remember that you could visit a cave if you walked to the east. I think some of the enemies was called "Furry bunny mittens" or something like that :D

    Small game. Simple graphics. Someone who knows which game it is? (or can point me in the right direction).

    IT'S NOT
    - The odyssey: The legend of nemesis

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