Searching nearby locations without MapView in ViewController?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by Essenar, Feb 23, 2015.

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    Here's what I'd like to do:
    I'd like to use the MapKit to search nearby locations based on a keyword, like for example, "souvenirs".
    However, I do not want to show the locations on a MapView in the ViewController. Instead, I want the application to find the results and then store them.
    I want to use the 5 closest results to the user.
    And then I would like to navigate the user to those five locations, allowing them to "check off" the locations as they reach them.

    The app would go like:
    Open application
    In background:
    Initialize search
    Store results into a list?
    The user gets directions to the first location and once they arrive, the application removes that location from the list
    Then the user, when ready, walks to the next location.
    When they arrive to that location, the application removes that location from the list.
    So if they wanted to check out all the shops within walking distance, they can and they wouldn't go to the same shop twice.

    Does that make sense? But I don't want a MapView because they don't need to see the locations on a map.
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    There's much more to MapKit than just MKMapView. Also, Core Location provides many features. I would look into both of these to see what they have to offer as part of a solution.

    Location and Maps Programming Guide

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