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Discussion in 'iPod' started by The Toon Master, Feb 9, 2008.

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    The final episode of my season pass for The Soup is out next week. The following week, a new episode wil lair, but I will be unable to access a computer with access to iTunes to buy another season pass and download then newest epside. The problem is I won't be able to until another episode has aired. When I buy the new pass, will I be able to get both episodes, or will I only be able to download the newest ep. If it is the later part, can I buy another pass and not have it download the same episode twice?
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    If you buy a season pass part way into a season if is my understanding if will download all available episodes, not just the most recent one. After all, your paying for a season.
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    Well, the show premires weekly(Usually airs 50 episodes a year), and I think If you buy a Daily Show/Colbert Report pass you can only download the most recent.

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