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Seasonal Turkey Helm Now Available in 'Infinity Blade III'


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Apr 12, 2001

Ahead of Thanksgiving, which will take place in the United States on Thursday, November 28, Infinity Blade III has gained new themed Turkey Helms. The helms, which resemble turkey heads, are available for free for both of Infinity Blade III's playable characters, Isa and Siris.

The helm for Siris is a turkey head that also includes a top hat and a monocle, while the hat for Isa is a turkey head with a bow. The helms, which are provided to players for free, will boost experience and skill points earned while they are worn.

The Turkey Helm will be available in Infinity Blade III for a week, after which time it will be unavailable. Infinity Blade III can be downloaded from the App Store for $6.99. [Direct Link]

The original Infinity Blade game is also available for free this week as part of a Black Friday promotion. [Direct Link]

Article Link: Seasonal Turkey Helm Now Available in 'Infinity Blade III'


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Sep 20, 2009
Thank you so much chair entertainment. I was waiting this update. Its really great user friendly and smooth


Jun 29, 2012
Love you MacRumors but this one definitely made me think "I need to find some other blogs to read". #
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