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Nov 13, 2010
Hello everyone,

(sorry if I bring this subject up again, but I just couldn't find any solution on the web and apple support pages were confusing to understand.)

How can I add a second Apple ID to FaceTime and iMessage?

When I try to add my second Apple ID on iOS (and OSX ML) it says:
"The email address you entered can't be used with this Apple ID... because it's already in use with another Apple ID."

But... I haven't set up or "used" my second Apple ID anywhere.

I want to be reached for Facetime and iMessage on two separate Apple IDs, and But apparently I can't add to them.

(I'm using the latest softwares both on iOS and OSX and my iOS devices are iPad v3 and iPhone 4S)

Ant help and suggestions are appreciated.

(I just realized that I posted this in the wrong folder iOS6 - Sorry !)
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Aug 23, 2010
you'll have to sign out of one and log into the other or you can sign in on your compter and sign in on the other one on your iPhone or if you have an iPad do that too or get and iPod touch and turn on HotSpot and just use the wifi on an iPod.


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Mar 31, 2010
You can add additional email addresses but they can't already be Apple ID's. You might want to hold off until iOS6 anyway and just associate your phone number instead of an email address for Facetime and Messages on all your devices.
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