Second Ati 3870 and STILL noisy!

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by mandwa, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, long time browser, first time poster!

    I just got a replacement Ati radeon 3870 because the first cards fans didn't run at all for a minute or so and would then spin up full for 30 seconds or so and so forth, regardless of what i was doing.

    My replacement card came today but this cards fan runs full all of the time!!!!????????

    Surely this is a driver or fan control issue or something, my previous nvidia 8800GT was silent all of the time, but alas I could not play Call of Duty 2 with that card hence the switch.

    Is there anything i can do to help cool the card besides fitting aftermarket fans which i don't feel confident doing and they don't seem to support the 3870 100%. Maybe open up the PCI slots or upping the Mac Pros fans via SMC Fan Control?

    Or do i return it and switch back to a 8800gt and forfit Call Of Duty 2 or wait and switch it for a 4870?

    I'm going to try and live with the fan noise tonight but does anyone own a quiet 3870?

    For the record I'm running a 2008 2.8GHZ 4-Core Mac Pro with 8Gb of Ram and 10.5.6. I tried a clean install on a new hard drive and the card behaved the same. Also reset Pram etc. Thanks :)
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    This huge thread covers the topic:

    Some are quiet, others are noisy. The 8800GT is whisper quiet always, I like it a lot more, but I do know what you mean about Call of Duty 2 (after seeing how unplayable the demo was I've decided to find the Windows version).

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