Second hd in Powermac G4 AGP 500mhz? 10.4 from 9.2.2

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by California, Feb 20, 2007.

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    I was trying to phone help a friend with an old PM G4 500mhz put a new ata drive into the second slot on the machine to get him up to Tiger speed. He's been running 9.2.2 because of old but reliable programs. So I figure he can have 9 on one drive and Tiger on another , right? He could not figure out the pins/ connectors and got a blank screen.. Also we upgraded ram to 1 gig total and certain sites in 9 OS are saying "not enough memory"..

    I don't know if we needed to do a firmware update or what but I thought it should be completely straightforward wtih putting in a second hard drive. It was not. Help!
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    If he used a standard 2-connecter ATA cable, set 1 of the drives as the master & the other as slave, connect the power leads, fasten the drives down to the chassis, and close up.

    Then insert the Tiger disk into the optical drive, hold down the "c" key and push the power button to boot the machine from the disk. Then select the new drive as the installation target, (with a used drive, erasing & reformatting it is preferred) and go from there. Once installation is complete, quit the installer and open the "start-up disk" preference pane, select the new drive, and reboot :)

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