Second internal HD in late 2012 mini wiped after OS update


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Mar 17, 2009
So I have a great former server model Mac Mini with 2 internal HDs, late 2012 model likely sold in late 2013 or so, pimped out 16gb i7 quad etc.

It had been running El Capitan for a couple of years, I decided to take the plunge and bring it up to Mojave. I normally don't rush into updates given that I use lots of different pro software, but my macbook pro w the same software had no issues going to Mojave.

However, the update appears to have wiped clean my second internal drive!

Rather than the data SSD that would normally mount upon startup, there is a second partition with the same name as my OS drive, same capacity that the old data SSD was but instead it only has one folder called "private" and lists the data capacity as nearly empty.


I had heard that a new partition gets created with the new MacOS versions, but this is crazy.

The handful of posts of the same problem on apple support and in the Mojave forum here have no solutions, they peter out with people saying maybe the HD just died or is loose.

I don't feel like taking out the freaking HD or resorting to data recovery quite yet.

Has anyone gone through this? I've restarted in recovery, run disk utiilty, techtool pro, no sign of that former drive. Help!!


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Mar 23, 2005
Never quite sure
I used to run a i7 quad 2011 with two internal SSDs, max RAM also. Great meachines. The 2012 is even better. But I never updated beyond High Sierra (Mojave was blocked by apple).

Is the second drive on your 2012 mounting? When you go to Apple System Profiler do you see two SATA drives connected?


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Feb 20, 2009
Take a screenshot in Disk Utility and post it, so WE can see what YOU see...