Second line after damaged Iphone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MomtoDDRR, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. MomtoDDRR macrumors newbie

    Feb 23, 2009
    So I unconsciously decided my iphone needed laundered. :eek: 5 minutes into the cycle and it's dead despite hairdryer, rice and low temp baking :(

    Since I can't live without my wonderphone brain :rolleyes:, what's the best way of replacing it? Do I just pop the money (of course it's less than a year old!), add a second line, or.....???

    If adding a second line, can the number be transferred and plans switched (I have an old motorola 3g)???

    Anyone have any thoughts please?

    TIA!! :)

    Mom to D (who's getting near the age to have a phone himself :eek:) and R
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    Aug 15, 2008
    Long Beach, CA
    I lost mine so I am kind of in the same situation, the best bet now that the AT&T refurb's are sold out, your best bet would be to add a new line and after the first month cancel the contract... It would of been a much better deal if the at&t refurb's were available still because they were $100 off a 16gb.. The difference in price, well you'll save a less than $100 dollars adding a line, but its not THAT much of a difference..

    Buying at a full retail will run you around $540...

    About changing your number, you will add a new line receiving a new number.. All you need to do once both lines are activated is tell at&t that you want to switch the iphone and data plan to the original number while taking it off of the new number. If you have a family plan then adding the line will be, activation fee pluss $9.99 a month which will be around $250 after your two year contract... OR else after the first month you pay the early termination fee (ETF) which is around $175..

    So options are... new line, cancel it after a month and right away pay $175, plus phone bill (9.99 adding the line + the data plan for the iphone)(plus the cost of the iphone)


    Like I did, add a new line, after phone is activated call at&t switch the numbers and data plans on the phones and keep the extra line for $9.99 a month, which after two years only adds up to around $240 bucks...(plus the cost of the iphone)

    I payed $199 (16GB iphone)
    $9.99 x 24 months (additional line)
    $26 (activation fee)
    $466 plus taxes....
    (for those who say i didn't add the price of the iphone data plan, well that was something he plans on paying regardless, these prices you will receive just getting the phone)
  3. MomtoDDRR thread starter macrumors newbie

    Feb 23, 2009
    Thank you :) and additional question...

    That is exactly the information I was seeking :)

    My next question is...I already had an iphone (now dead in the water :mad:) on a single line...Must I now pay for two data plans and one iphone or will they take off one. I realize you have to purchase the data plan when you purchase the iphone. I will want to switch the numbers and data plans after adding the second line, but I already had an iphone plan on the first line. Now I will have my old motorola and one iphone, but two iphone data plans...:confused: Will they work with me on that one at all? Make sense? :confused:

    TIA again! :)

    Mom to D and R
  4. dave006 Contributor


    Jul 3, 2008
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    No you only have to pay for one iPhone 3G data plan. You can even drop the current iPhone 3G data plan while you wait to get your new replacement iPhone 3G. You only have to have an iPhone 3G data plan if you are using the iPhone 3G on that line of service. :)

    Just stick your iPhone 3G SIM into your old Moto and call Customer care and ask them to remove the data plan. In your case you really don't have to do all that line / number swapping. Just get the new iPhone 3G and put your existing SIM into it and put the new SIM that comes with the new iPhone into your Moto and then as above call Customer Care and have them drop the data plan. This can also be done in the store at time of purchase.


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