Second Shootr - the iPhone application for the professional wedding photographer

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by tico24, Nov 6, 2009.

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    My wife and I are wedding photographers based in Hampshire, England and we've commissioned an iPhone application for wedding photographers.


    The application is called Second Shootr and is available in the worldwide App Store right now. Second Shootr is an iPhone/iPod Touch application for professional wedding photographers. It has just one goal: to help photographers do what they do best...take awesome photos! Second Shootr helps professional wedding photographers to organise the wedding day so that their minds are free to concentrate on capturing those lasting memories.

    A brief run-down of Second Shootr's features:
    • Store important client information - Names, addresses, phone numbers, websites etc.
    • Store key details about the wedding itself - Ceremony/Reception locations, wedding theme etc.
    • Capture and contact key members of the wedding party - Store contact details for the vicar, or the best man.
    • Know where to be and at what time - Store key events and their location.
    • Plan and tick-off your photos - plan those must-have photos, use photos from your iPhone camera or library as a reference and then tick them off when you're done.
    • Remember all your kit, every time - check your kit out as you leave the studio, then check it back in when you're packing up.
    • Remember everything you need to do before, during and after the wedding - Second Shootr will list your to-do items, just tick them off when done.
    • Customise Second Shootr to your business requirements.

    If you'd like more information, as well as further screenshots and an instructional video, head to
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    cool app... congrats.....

    there's always something you end of forgetting.....i guess "there's an app for that" :D
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    Not sure if I'm allowed to post this (if I'm not, let me know and I'll delete). But to celebrate the impending release of Second Shootr 1.1, we're giving away a £15 iTunes voucher to one lucky person.
    There's more information here:

    Second Shootr 1.0 was all about creating an iPhone application to help wedding photographers organise and plan wedding shoots. Now we're opening the application out to all professional photographers.
    With 1.1, Second Shootr will enable you to have two types of client, a wedding client or an 'other'. So now, whether you're a portrait, wedding or event photographer (to name but a few!), Second Shootr will help you be on top of your game for every shoot.
    Here's a deeper breakdown of how it all works:
    • When you add a new client you choose between 'Wedding' and 'Other'.
    • If you select 'Other', you will be just asked for one 'Name' (instead of asking you to enter a Bride & Groom name).
    • You can now apply a time as well as a date to your clients (allowing for more than one shoot per day).
    • Two sets of Default Client Data. One for wedding clients, another for other clients.
    We've also included some key bugfixes in 1.1, so Second Shootr should run a bit smoother for you.
    If you've already purchased the application, Second Shootr 1.1 will be a free update, hopefully available in around a month's time (depending on how long Apple takes to approve us). If you've not purchased Second Shootr yet, I'd encourage you to purchase it right now and the 1.1 update will appear in iTunes for free as soon as its available.

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