Secondary Click Randomly Not Working

Discussion in 'macOS Sierra (10.12)' started by RenegadfeMonste, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. RenegadfeMonste macrumors newbie

    Jul 21, 2012
    I decided to give macOS Sierra a go last week as I have only heard good things so far.

    I have only experienced one issue so far, and it's rather annoying.

    Secondary Click more than not does not work.

    For example, If I am on a google search results page and I want to open 3 different links in new tabs in name your browser, when I right click on my magic mouse or control click usually the first secondary click works and opens up the menu options, then the second and third try fail. It doesn't register a normal click, it just does nothing.

    Control click seems to have a higher success rate at launching the secondary click menu.

    The first time the secondary click menu appears again after not appearing, it seems to lag a second or two behind when I actually clicked.

    Anyone experience this or have any ideas on what's causing it or how to resolve it?

    It appears to affect all apps, Safari, Chrome, Messenger, Mail as so on.
  2. ejfontenot macrumors 6502


    Dec 6, 2008
    I am having the same problem. But, not randomly. Just doesn't work. I put in a note to the feedback app.

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