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    Valentine's Day is on the way. Are you prepared? Do you have a way to show that special someone just how much you care? Perhaps the "Secret Admirer" app can help. (The app is currently waiting for Apple's review.)

    ❤❤ Send a virtual card to show your admiration. ❤❤

    Do you have a secret crush on someone, but you're not sure how to express your feelings? This app was created for that exact situation. You can try gifting this app to that someone you like.

    This app is loaded with romance. It's part greeting card and part arcade. Three mini games — each with a loving messages — are included. The initial launch screen magnificently presents the enclosed entertainment. Hearts pour down from above, like a like snowfall in heaven. The background music loop sets the mood.

    This app also has Retina Display support

    Game #1 - This is a slide puzzle. Blocks adjacent to the open square will slide when touched. Touch and hold the screen for five seconds to reset the game. A secret message is revealed when all of the squares are in their correct position.

    Secret Message: You Complete My Heart!

    Game #2 - Control the bottom heart by touching the screen. It will horizontally follow the touch. Use the bottom heart to keep the orb bouncing. The orb can smash the blocks. With careful planning and aim, the orb can be directed to the top heart. When the orb and the top heart meet, additional points are added to the score.

    Message: Your love can break the walls between us!

    Game #3 - This is heart-themed pinball game. Touch the screen to launch the pinball. Touch the left side of the screen to move the left flipper. Touch the right side of the screen to move the right flippers. By launching the pinball up the left lane, an additional pinball is added to the action.

    Message: I'm flipping crazy for you!

    How to gift: Log into the iTunes App Store. Click the down arrow next to the price listing for the "Secret Admirer" app. The app is not customizable, but you can send your own email message through iTunes. When you gift an app, the recipient is given a download code for the app. If you don't know the email address, there is an option to "Print gift myself".

    screenshot-1.png screenshot-5.png
    screenshot-2.png screenshot-3.png screenshot-4.png

    Would you like to receive an email when this app is available? You can fill out the contact form at and request notification of availability for the Secret Admirer app.

    or add the news feed to your RSS Reader...
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    Virtual cards, flowers and/or candy = no Valentine's love.
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    You didn't see the movie "The Truth About Love" with Jennifer Love Hewitt? The dude mailed a package of Radish seeds and he found love. Now I'm not recommending that this app be sent to a married person, as was done with the radish seeds, but this app can be nice way to break the ice.

    Perhaps you're just starting to chat with someone that you met online, like through an online dating site. Maybe you don't know her address, but you want to show that you like her, this app can be a way to do that. I think that's very romantic and appropriate.

    I also think it could be nice as a buildup to Valentine's Day. Flowers one day, candy the next, a virtual app... I think a woman could appreciate that.

    And if you do have a secret admirer, this could be a way for the focus of your affections to start thinking about you. They might be wondering... who sent me this app? By gifting this app, you can leave contact information in the iTunes message field. It's a way for the two of you to start chatting.

    ...and even if none of that happens... I think the included pinball game is pretty cool. It has unlimited multiball. Everytime the top heart is lit on the left site, another ball is added. So, I think it's a nice change of pace from playing Angry Birds.

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