Secrets and Celebrations From 'The Goonies' Reunion

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mscriv, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Gotta say this brings back some memories. It's also the first I've ever heard of a sequel or a version on Broadway. :)
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    How about a complete remake of the movie with a new cast and a new setting? Give it a modern vibe to fit today's culture. Maybe bring in an edgy director or try an urban cast. I can see it now. The Jonas Brothers instead of Cyndi Lauper. New Jersey instead of Astoria. A lost treasure from the Civil War instead of One Eyed Willy. A greedy real estate director tearing down the kid's neighborhood to put in condos.....

    Remakes and reboots have been all the rage in Hollywood in recent years. Rather than making a sequal to The Goonies, why not just remake it from scratch? Gotta make something today's kids can identify with, right?
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    Good god, you just made me throw up in my mouth a little. Note to Hollywood: Please Leave the Goonies Alone! They've already ruined a number of my childhood favorites, which means The Goonies is probably next. *sigh* Karate Kid? Ugh...

    If they're going to revive the Goonies franchise, at least bring back as many if not all of the original cast back to give it some semblance of legitimacy, please.

    In any case, this reminds me to pop the Goonies into the DVD player again soon, gotta love it. :)
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    I just watched the movie again yesterday, oddly without even realizing it was the anniversary. I love Chunk. Classic :D
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    Baby Ruth!!!

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