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    I was wondering if anyone here has some suggestions on what I should get. I need to get cameras to put up around my house. My dog went blind overnight and she is really struggling to get around. We are going on vacation next month and did not want to put her in the doggy day care like we normally do. Instead, we are leaving the dog home and having a friend walk her. Additionally, we are having the kitchen redone a month after that. We want some way to monitor the house when we are gone. What would you suggest? Would you suggest the x10 systems? There are so many packages on that crappy site its ridiculous. It would be cool if it could pan and zoom, but not necessary. We will need maybe 3 cameras. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to get?
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    Dec 28, 2004
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    I don't have any idea about cameras or systems, but you might ask a mod to change the title for you to something more descriptive like "Suggestions on Home security camera systems". That ought to get more attention than just "Secuirty" [sic]. Also a different forum might be appropriate.

    I'd ask a mod™.
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    This is what I got:

    It's pretty good. Scroll down that page to see all the goodies you can add. I shopped around quite a bit and that is the best price on this model. You'll want the home monitoring later after you set it all up. It's much cheaper here then, say, ADT, etc.
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    i think im going to get one of those logitech things.. the reviews were terrible.. but i need something..

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