secure erase doesn't securely erase hidden data?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by macfanboy, Mar 21, 2009.

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    Jun 5, 2007
    last july (the day 2.0 came out i think), i securely wiped my ipod (from Settings>general>reset in 2.0) and the process went smoothy. Today, i was checking crash logs on my touch using Xcode Organizer, and I found logs of crashes that occured in early 2008 and even 2007! should this be reported to apple? I have pics to prove the crashes, but it's useless since there's no way i can prove that i wiped it in july, and they also have some personal info in them. (from apps like AIM or Contacts)
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    I think this is (fairly) common knowledge. There are detailed instructions online about how to securely wipe the touch/iPhone (for example, if you want to sell the device) as the built-in method is anything but secure.

    edit: according to this site, the secure erase function was not available on 1.x.x firmware. So unless you upgraded to 2.0, then did the secure erase, then restored again, it wouldn't have been secure at all (also discussed in the link) ...
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    im 100% sure it was wiped after 2.0...
    also i know about how secure wipe was added in 2.0 and what it didn't do in 1.0
    sorry if i wasnt clear in the OP, but i'm only frustrated that they weren't deleted at ALL.
    if i wanted sell it, someone could just hook it up to Xcode and find some personal data from the crash logs!
    im gunna go report it as a bug
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    LOL. Do you work for the Military? Do you have data that can jeopardize anything? Sure, you may have some bank account numbers and what not but what are the chances you will run into a person who will be:
    1. interested
    2. spend awful amount of time in trying to gather the data
    3. know even how to gather the data!
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    Jun 5, 2007
    it's happened before, couldnt it happen again?

    if it says it will securely erase EVERYTHING, and it doesnt, isnt that a problem?

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