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    Aug 29, 2009
    I am currently looking to sell my current 2007 MBP for the latest - I want to clear all my data securely so the guy I am giving it to will not be able to trace back any of my files. I know even if you simply reformat the OS and HDD you can still track back files (personal perhaps).

    How can I do a SECURE format on Mac OS X 10. Leopard? I want to have a safe feeling when giving it away.

    and please help me response quick! I am exchanging it tomorrow! EARLY AM (EST).

    Thanks again!:apple:

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    Feb 9, 2008
    Boot into the Install DVD.

    When it get's to the screen where it asks you where to install OS X, go to the menu bar and choose 'Utilities' —> 'Disk Utility'.

    From there, choose your internal drive, choose the 'Erase' tab and then select 'Security Options'. Choose 'Zero Out Data'. Give your partition a name—"Macintosh HD" is the standard. Then choose 'Erase' this will wipe your drive. When the zero out is completed, close Disk Utility and continue to install your OS.
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    If you want to be really sure you don't sell any personal info with your computer, replace the HD and put the old one in an enclosure to use as a backup.


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