Secure password storage...but cross platform?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by yg17, Oct 23, 2006.

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    I'm looking for a program, such as Wallet, to securely store my passwords and other info, but it has to be cross platform, well, at least Windows anyways (since unfortunately, I'm stuck with Windows at work, and if anything ever happened to my Mac, I'd have my Windows DVR machine as a backup). It doesn't even need to be fancy like Wallet, I'd settle for putting the passwords in a text file and encrypting that file. But I'm just an idiot when it comes to encryption and need to know what programs I can use on both OSX and Windows to encrypt and decrypt that file. Free would obviously preferred, but I'm open to ideas

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    I am using KeePass, which is free, open-source (sourceforge) on Windows side, KeepassX free on the Mac side.

    They are rudimentary, but do have all the basics.
    Fields: Group, Title (service), Username, Password, URL, Notes and it tracks dates for the pw item as well. With button bar buttons to copy the username and password to clipboard for pasting into entry fields.
    I use the Notes field for all the other stuff which apply to some login setups: screen name, secret question, my email signed up (if different from username), PIN, or other info pertaining.

    Since my comment here is years after your post (found via a google search), have you found anything different that you are recommending?

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    I suggest taking a look at OBZVault - it's a text editor that saves and loads encrypted text files. You can use it to store URLs, passwords, logins, security questions, etc.

    It supports Mac OS, Windows and Linux and is pretty cheap ($15 / machine; if you have multiple OSs on one machine it only needs one licence). There's a free trial available that is limited to small files.

    Disclosure: I was involved in the development of OBZVault; it was initially developed in-house use as we work on a mix of Windows, Linux and Mac OS boxes. We keep a release version of OBZVault in our source control repo alongside the encrypted password file, so that we keep our company secrets securely in one place.
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    Aug 9, 2007
    Truecrypt and OpenSSL are cross platform encryption software.
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    I second KeepassX.

    What do you mean by rudimentary? It has everything what you need to store your passwords...

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