Securely formatting a PC

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by KooBrewoP, Nov 8, 2009.

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    After a disappointing and expensive foray in to the world of windows I have decided to sell my PC and return to the mac fold.

    My question is how can I securely erase my PC HD? On my mac I could 0 all data from the installation disks but windows doesn’t seem to have the same options. I only have 1 HD so I cant install the OS on one in order to wipe the other. Anyone done this successfully? if so any pointers would be very welcome. tnx
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    There isn't really a secure erase/reformat built into Windows, but there are some good third party tools. One of the better options is called DBAN, or Derek's Boot and Nuke. Just do a search on either term, and you should find his site. It's a free tool. It will do a secure erase (write zeros to the drive) for you.

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