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    Aug 2, 2015
    Hello MacRumors users. I am new here, and this is my first post to the forum. I have a home server running OS X Yosemite Server. I have all the services I currently need enabled such as time machine, file sharing, caching, calendar, etc. As of now I have no services available via the internet and no VPN configured. My network is currently composed of 5 Macs and 2 windows computers. I use my ISP's modem, and an apple airport extreme router. I have done all the traditional steps to secure my home network like changing admin credentials of the router/modem, etc. I have a few friends that run Windows Home servers on their networks, and they have had problems with hackers and other remote-access security issues with their servers. As far as I know I have not had any of these issues yet. How can I secure my server against internet threats? What sort of configuration do I need in order to ensure that the backups, data, and the personal information of my users is secure?
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    If you have nothing accessible from the internet, there's nothing to worry about. Ensure that your wireless network is using WPA2 security, with a strong password, and you'll be fine.
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    In general, this is true. Most problems only arise when you're allowing remote connections into your LAN.

    However, a lot of consumer routers come with various ports open to the internet by default. These should be closed, as there is no need to have any open ports if you aren't running services on the LAN that require them. They also tend to have some sort of remote administration enabled by default. This should also be disabled, unless you absolutely need it. This will minimize your chances of having a problem should there be an exploit that affacts the router itself.
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    Good, now I can rest assured my users' data is secure.

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