Securing my new 2013 13" MBA?

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    Jun 22, 2013
    Hey all. Need some advice: I am moving to a part of the world where petty crime is quite common (home invasions, backpack grabs, etc.). I will be traveling with my new 13" MBA. I wanted some feedback. How are you securing your MBA? Here are some of the things I am planning - what do you think?

    1) Safeware Insurance Plan - for around $200 I can ensure it. This INTERNATIONAL insurance will cover drops, spills, and even theft. I have ensured several smart phones, as well as all three of my iPads with Safeware. This one is a given.

    2) Kensington SafeDock Security Dock and Keyed Lock for 13-Inch MacBook Air (K67759AM): Since the MBA doesnt have a slot for the Kensington lock, I thought this would be good for locking it down when and if I leave it at home unattended, or if I am working in a public place and don't want someone to grab-and-go my new baby! I've never owned or even see one of these in use...any of you have any experience with it?

    3) LoJack for Laptops - saw this on Apple's site, as well as Apparently this software will communicate with the good folks at Lojack EVEN AFTER THE HDD HAS BEEN WIPED! That seems too good to be true...anyone have any experience with this service?

    I am strongly considering purchasing all three of these products (1 and 3 for the first year...then perhaps eliminating one or the other thereafter). Thoughts? Any of you have or considering any alternative products/services?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Jun 22, 2013
    #2 views and no responses. :(

    I just found an alternative to the LoJack software that looks interesting:

    I like the fact that it is a one-time cost of $49 rather than a yearly subscription. Anyone have any experience with this?
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    I would opt for the travel insurance and simply keeping the item out of sight, perhaps in a book book case on a shelf while left in your apartment. The LoJack software requires you to live in an area where the police will care to recover your stolen item. Make sure your hard drive is encrypted if you deal with sensitive information. If it does get stolen simply file a claim and buy a new one.
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    That makes sense. I may opt for that + the Orbicule software (since it is so cheap and seems like it is well worth the coin!).

    Your idea of hiding the MBA in a book case gives me an idea for a fun thread: "Where do you hide your MBA?" :D

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