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    Aug 11, 2013
    I'm having an issue where on certain sites, thumbnails aren't showing up. Also on certain sections of sites it doesn't work. I added an attachment to show what it looks like. Im also having an issue where I go to and I get a security message. A picture is also submitted to show what I mean. Any help is appreciated.

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    Read the 2nd paragraph under Technical Details:
    The certificate will not be valid until 7/31/13 2:40 PM. The current time is 7/23/13 7:17 PM.
    If you made that screenshot today, then the clock on your computer is wrong: it thinks it's 23 July 2013. You should either manually change your clock (Date & Time pane in System Preferences), or turn on the checkbox labeled "Set date & time automatically" in the Date & Time pane and let it set the date automatically.

    If you made that screenshot on 23 July 2013, then the solution is to try again, now that the actual date is after 31 July 2013, the date when the certificate becomes valid.

    If you have altered your system date for some reason, such as to trick some software into running, then you should only alter the date when you need to run that software, and restore the date to normal at all other times.

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