Security Poducts put MS in Quandry

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by PlaceofDis, Feb 22, 2005.

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    Jan 14, 2005
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    Ironically, people complain when functionality like this isn't built into the OS... but when they DO build it into the OS, they're accused of trying to monopolize the market. Face it: If antivirus and antispyware capabilities end up built-in to Windows, Microsoft will eventually drive competitors in those areas out of business, because free almost always beats not free.
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    It might seem if they can build it in, can't they just close the holes to begin with? I'm guessing you can't close them all. There are alot of ingenous criminals that will get what they want, read about CheckPoint .
    But if you can build in a shield, can't you build your OS better to begin with, the former means you are aware of the issues with the latter, and you could make it happen to begin with.
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    Well, that's the thing. There is no quandry. If MS did quality work, there wouldn't be a variety of holes to exploit. Anti-virus and firewall software would still sell because there is an all-encompassing need for those.
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    I don't understand why MS doesn't take the development money from this project and pour more in to updating the Windows code so that it is more secure. Then they aren't competing with established products but still doing their part to help security.

    It's like there's a hole in a dam, and water is leaking through, and people first started solving the problem by sticking a finger in the hole to plug it. As more and more holes formed the dam is now lined with people holding their fingers in place. Now the dam's original engineer and construction teams come along, and rather than rebuilding the dam so that it doesn't have holes, they said, "Good job guys, we'll help you" and proceed to apply themselves in the same way. Certainly millions if not billions of dollars are wasted on this problem, and if it was invested instead to rebuild Windows, it would be a far greater investment.

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