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    I have attached a snapshot of who can access my MBA's disk. I see wheel and everyone, apart from admin.:eek: In my last MBA I had "everyone" I guess its system default.

    But I don't know "wheel". I changed the access from read and write to read only, till I got your advise on what this could be. :confused:

    I am very sure I have not given access to anyone, a couple of days while accessing a closed network for work, it asked me if I trust Java certificate/applet to run and I said yes, because I know the network is of my company. I am pretty sure they wouldn't be wheel or do something like this.

    Help please me understand this and if possible advise what I should I do.... delete this wheel ? I have run antivirus (sophos and Intego) and they didn't find anything. :(



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    Wheel is a group in Mac OS X that refers to all the people allowed to use the computer marked as system administrators. I do not know why it is called "wheel", though.
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    the wheel group is a Unix group whose members are system admins and are (among other things) allowed to su to root.

    There are several theories as to why it's called wheel. Some are that it's from the old term "big wheel" meaning someone important, and there's another explanation here that it came from the fact that administrators keep the wheel turning.
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    If you don't know what you're doing, don't mess around with permissions. If you insist, you'll soon be posting something like "I can't access my files... what's wrong?"

    Thank you,
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    My thoughts exactly.
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    Thanks and a question

    Thanks everyone for helping with this, I feel a bit relaxed now.

    Wonder why it was not visible on my MBA a few days ago, or any of my other macs ever ! and is showing on this machine only......

    What could have triggered it ?

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