Seeking Advice: An Unhappy Best Buy Customer

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    Hello all, I'll try and condense this is much as possible.

    On 12/24 I made a purchase via (Beats Studio, iTunes gift card, TDK boombox). At the end of my order, it informed me that two of my items (Beats and gift card) were ready for pickup. I head to the store and they informed me that the headphones were not in stock, so I left with my gift card. No big deal.

    On 12/26 I was informed via email that the order was ready to be picked up. During my wait time, I decided I wanted to 'upgrade' to the Bowers & Wilkins P7 headphones so when I got to the store and I explained what I wanted to do. They returned the headphones before I took them home and charged another $120 to my Best Buy credit card. To do this (the easy way) they refunded me via giftcard and purchased the P7 with that along with the additional $120 to my CC. Fine.

    On 12/31 I got an email stating my headphones were ready for pick-up. I get there and they cannot find them. After searching they told me my only option was to cancel the order and place a new one. As frustrated as I was, I understand these things happen. Here's where it gets even more complicated. The tricks they used to upgrade my headphone would not let them refund the money back to my credit card. But because when they added my new order they refunded it to a gift card, used that money for partial payment for the B&W, then added the $120 to my credit card, they said they must refund it the way that I "paid". After deliberating it with the staff and manager, they somehow (allegedly) put the $3xx on a gift card, refunded the $120 to my credit card, then "returned" the gift card to my best buy credit card. I didn't understand this because the gift card was never purchased with my credit card but I received two different, confusing receipts and, even though I didn't understand, I was assured the full $4xx for the B&W was back on my card.

    I then asked the manager if when I come back tomorrow to re-order (because it takes 24 hours for the credit to become available again) if they are going to combine the purchase with my TDK and iTunes gift card and he says that's not possible. We got into and I said, so because you guys screwed up, I'm going to be charge 27% interest on a $150 item and a $400 pair of headphones. "Unfortunately" things happen sometimes, he says, and he said if I call the bank they "might" be able to combine the purchases and honor the 0% for $429 and up purchases.

    I am livid! Yes, I upgraded the headphones but everything was fine until they couldn't find my package that was shipped to the store and their only option was to cancel my order!

    Now here's another thing. I just checked my credit card and only the $120 was credited, I saw her fold up and toss the gift card yesterday that they somehow were supposed to trick the system into refunded that AND the $120 to my card and it's not there. Now I have no product, no giftcard, and $300 (and some odd $) missing! This has been so annoying and stressful I don't know what to do.
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    Yikes!? Can you call the issuing bank of the BB credit card and dispute the charges? I would make sure you keep track of all receipts from ALL of the transactions that you did.

    Also, I'd give it a few days and check your credit card next week. Sometimes refunds can take a little while to show up on your card.

    Good luck with this I hope you get it resolved! I can imagine how frustrating that is.
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    Here in the UK it normally takes at least 3 days for a refund to show in your account. It might just be in system. Of course in this day and age there is no reason for it to take so long, but the reason is it sits in someone else's (the banks) account for those days so they can use it.

    One of the many reasons whilst I always use cash where possible.

    On a side note I took a couple of Bluerays back to Tesco my dad had purchased for my daughter for Christmas (we don't have a Blueray player). He sent me the receipt but had paid via CC. I was expecting either a hard time or just store credit. She gave us cash without any issue at all.
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    Here's what you do, and don't deviate from this one inch:
    Call 1-800-HELP-BBY and use sensational words to express that you are very angry (not upset, not flustered, not disappointed) because the Best Buy you dealt with to pick up your order used under-handed tricks to avoid eating a return and screwed you over.

    Tell them you're not hanging up until the issue is 100% resolved.

    When you don't like an answer ask to speak to a supervisor. Use names, make sure you have the receipts in hand.

    Tell them you demand they rectify the situation or you'll be taking your future business to Amazon and you'll be telling the BBB and all your friends about it.

    They'll take care of it. Corporate headquarters are the people that handle things like this and they always take the customer's side. And when the customer is upset, they go to extra lengths to take care of it, along with reprimanding the employees that messed up.

    Oh and take the survey on the receipt and give them 0's and 1's. The surveys directly affect the bonuses managers get and a survey that bad is basically a permanent hit on their monthly evaluation.
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    Thank you for this advice. :)

    And I'm surprised you understood. I think I was so frustrated when I was typing that words were just coming directly from thought and I wasn't putting those thoughts into comprehendible sentences, lol. I read my OP just now and I don't understand half of what I wrote. :p

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