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Seeking Help Someone Hacked My Computer


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Aug 21, 2012
I'm a doc filmmaker and have a stalker. Most recently I was accosted, an illegal monitoring & tracking device (24/7 in real time) was put on my car, I wake up and my car is unlocked w/the alarm no longer functioning... it goes on and on. I believe the stalker also had someone come into my space and did something to my MBPro. Emails are missing, 2 FB accts. disappeared, and more! I need good advice on how to check if someone is truly monitoring my computer. I was thinking I could back it all up, wipe it clean w/the disks, and put the backup info back on the computer - but I fear that will also put the stalker back on the computer. Any advice is good. I have blog about this. If you want to follow the blog you can send me a message and I will send you the link. Please feel free to send this to others who my be able to help.


Sue May :eek:


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Jun 25, 2012
Install Prey. Then set your computer as missing when you leave it at any time so that anyone unauthorised using it will have their picture taken without them knowing.


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May 16, 2008
In over 4 years of reading posts by people who claimed their Mac had been hacked, not a single one ever was. If someone had physical access to your computer, that's a different story and isn't technically hacking. Wiping your drive and reinstalling from a backup will eliminate any tracking software they may have installed, but if you don't keep your computer secure from physical access by others, nothing will prevent future problems. Change all your passwords to long and complex passwords, especially on email accounts. Email accounts can be compromised by simply guessing your password if it's a simple one. Once that happens, they have access to every other account (banking, Facebook, etc.) that you set up using that email address.


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Look at LittleSnitch this app will advise you what traffic is flowing from you Mac and by what app. In general it`s very difficult to break into a Mac and as has been stated physical access is more likely.

Personally I would not use a backup such as TimeMachine as it is now likely tainted, go to Apple and ask them to completely wipe the machine and reload the apps, they may charge for the service, however in your case it will be worthwhile. Change all your passwords ASAP this is an imperative to you continued security.
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