Seeking ideas for emailing voice memos from Japan -- starting NEXT WEEK!

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by MacAhoy, Oct 18, 2008.

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    Jul 23, 2008
    I hope the vast MacRumors iPhone community will have some creative ideas about this, 'cause I'm stumped .. :confused:

    I have a friend in the UK who has recently bought a 3G iPhone, and is enjoying it tremendously (being a PC user ;-). She also has an iPod Nano and a Griffin microphone, & uses these to record voice memos which are then compressed to .mp3 (in iTunes) and finally sent to me as attachments to e-mail messages. (I really appreciate this, as it cuts down on the amount of typing that's needed to communicate -!) Of course, this involves syncing her Nano with her laptop and attaching the .mp3 voice files to emails that she creates on the laptop.

    Right now the problem is that she is about to leave for a few weeks of cycle touring in Japan -- departing Wednesday, October 22 -- and would naturally much prefer to travel without a laptop. It would be a LOT better if she could use her iPhone to both record voice memos and also e-mail them to me, since the procedure with the Nano obviously requires access to a laptop.

    I hoped to find an iPhone voice recorder to recommend to her, so I read the relevant MacRumors thread and reviewed the various apps mentioned.. now I finally understand that *Apple* has sortof hobbled developers who are trying to provide this kind of functionality to us users, by not permitting audio files to be attached to e-mails that are typed on the iPhone. I guess I can understand that there may be fears of mass music piracy..... but I REALLY wish there was a simple way to e-mail voice memos, without having to upload them to yet more online servers. Obviously this is already happening, when she sends these files to me as Yahoo e-mail attachments... but I would still prefer it if we didn't have to rely on servers that belong to the developers of these apps. (I agree with mkrishnan, for instance, who posted elsewhere that "third party web apps are not appropriate for sensitive information.")

    So -- does anyone have some more ideas about how to get voice memos
    *that are recorded and stored on the iPhone*
    attached to a plain old Yahoo e-mail, without involving a laptop?

    Thanks !!!
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    Oct 13, 2008

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