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    Jun 16, 2005
    I am selling three of the Lisa 2s I acquired about 10 years ago from the local school district at a real world auction while I was an employee at Apple's Electronic Media Lab here in Boulder, Colorado.

    The one I am selling in this auction has the most complete package: all manuals and accompanying discs; all original update pamphlets; the original (still blank) software registration form; a binder of articles and technical spec docs (from another Lisa aficionado who wrote to me to let say he has the LisaTest if you'd be interested in trying that route).

    This Lisa (model #A6SB100) has a 5mb Profile hard drive, a single 3 1/2" floppy, parallel disc adapter, keyboard and mouse.
    Larry Tesler personally laid hands on this one to try and get it beyond the initial boot but only had time to get it as far as the error screen in the photo that it still brings up today. None of at the lab ever had time to try and get any further, and then they eliminated the entire online services division and the Lisas went back into the corner of the garage.

    The other 2 Lisa's are: one is model #A6SB100P (5mb Profile HD, parallel disc adapter, boots, keyboard and mouse, some zinc whiskers) and the other is model #A6S0300 (keyboard, some zinc whiskers, kind of boots). Please email me if you are interested in either of these two; I have tons of pictures from all angles.

    All three have working monitors and boot an error message (shown).

    Here's the tiny url <>:
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    Oct 20, 2002
    I'm surprised that you don't have some actual pictures of the Lisa that you are selling on eBay. I would certainly like to see pictures. What kind of shape are they in after being used in a school lab? Almost surprised that a school could afford the Lisa.

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