Seeking Non-Synching Itunes Alternative for Iphone

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    Mar 23, 2010
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    Having sincerely tried to use the late versions of iTunes to simply add or remove songs for my iPhone4, and fed up with lengthy unwanted synching operations, I am looking for a simple alternative, a program like old, old iTunes where I can just drag and drop stuff from/to an iPhone from my Mac.

    So much unwanted crap music had somehow found its way on to my iPhone that I decided recently just to erase everything and start over. After the initial success of directly removing all songs, I opened iTunes (12.1), selected an audiobook that I did want, nothing else, and hit synch. Then I looked on my iPhone and two additional songs had suddenly appeared (one of them, appropriately titled "I Feel Possessed" by Tim and Neil Finn. :mad: So I give win, Steve even if you are dead. I just want to be able to simply and manually control what is on my iPhone (like I could back in the early iPod days).

    Any software that will do this?
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