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Mar 20, 2014
This question concerns multiple devices, so there's no one good forum to post this in...

I and other family members frequently travel to business meetings and work projects. We're seeking to improvise or to find new kinds of "mobile office solutions". We currently use Android smartphones (Moto E4 and Moto G6 Play) and an iPad Mini. We also occasionally take a 13-inch MacBook Pro on the road with us.

A major concern, especially during meetings at remote locations, is being able to set up the smartphones (or the iPad Mini) so that it's not just laying on a table, chair or your lap. We want to be able to use a stylus-pen to swipe and tap on the mobile device while it's sitting, stationary, which is something you cannot do easily if it is laying flat and/or balancing on your knee.

Does anyone make/sell stands for these devices? A stand would have to be collapsible so it can be carried in your hand or packed away for travel. It also has to be charging-cable-friendly so you can plug the device into power while it's setting on the stand. It needs to be durable because it would see lots of packing, unpacking, set-ups and travel miles.

Do these kinds of travel stands exist? What does our family look for?
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