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    Oct 13, 2012
    Please add your insight,
    I'm saving up to buy my first Apple computer and having a hard time deciding which one to get. I will mainly be using it for surfing, Office, Photoshop, music and i'd like to be able to play a few games, Diablo3 for one. Should I get a MBP, MBA or go for iMac and then later get an iPad for my days on the couch surfin' and watchin Sportscenter?? I like iMac for photos and games but I know i'd miss portability and if air or pro would work well then i'd go that route. Thanks for any info.

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    You won't get far in Photoshop using a "pad" device.

    Be aware that the currently-available version of the iMac is "500 days old" (since last update), and that a new version should be out soon. If you can "hold out", and don't absolutely-positively need the iMac right now, you'd do better to keep investigating and wait just a little longer.

    As to the iMac vs. laptop, that's a personal decision YOU will have to make. Do you want portability, or a beautiful big screen and a desktop setup?

    As to the laptops, it's a question of value vs. luxury.
    If you want "value", get the 13" MacBook Pro -- it's the best "bang for the buck" out there.
    If you want luxury, consider the Retina MacBook Pro. Beautiful screen but twice as much moolah.
    Be aware that Apple has a "souped up" MacBook Pro 13" with a Retina display in the works. Not sure when it's going to be released, however.
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    I find a Mac mini makes an excellent "first Mac." This is especially true since the recent model has decent specs. If budget is not an issue, I recommend the midrange 13 in MBP or the 15 in MBP. For any of the above I recommend an external 1080p monitor which can be had for around $100. Lastly I recommend an iPad for portability. MBA is nice but an iPad with a BT keyboard makes a much better portable device.

    I don't think the iMac is such a good idea right now when a refresh is likely in the next few months but again I think the mini or the MBP are good values. Lastly I don't think the MBA is such a great value because of the lack of upgradability. The same is true for the retina MBP. It's a wonderful machine but you are pretty much stuck at the specs you bought versus being able to pop in more RAM or storage later on.
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    Please don't take this the wrong way... actually trying to be helpful. You might consider changing your title. The word "Debacle" implies that you have already purchased something, and that it was a disaster. Perhaps "Conundrum" or "Puzzle" might be a better word to use, as it implies a decision yet to be made.

    When I clicked on your post, I was expecting to read a tale of woe, and then to read other's people's suggestions on how to fix the problem. Instead, I'm being asked for purchasing advice.

    If you change the title you will get more people who are qualified to give purchasing advice, and fewer people like me looking for a car wreck. If you know what I mean, eh?


    Got to Edit, and then advanced.... iirc.

    Or, feel free to ignore me...
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    Oct 13, 2012
    1) A sudden, disastrous collapse, downfall, or defeat; a rout.
    2) A total, often ludicrous failure - yahoo definitions.

    I feel #2 shows that I utilized "debacle" acurately. I appreciate your advice on how to get more advice out of my post however, so thank you. I will change my title in the hopes of having some more resonses. (that's if i'm savvy enough to do that...this being my first post n all)


    Thanks for the advice!
    Totally realize the iMac is due for a refresh, so I would for sure wait for that before buying one. If I get an iPad it'd be only after buying an iMac or MBP/MBA and only utilized for browsing, games nor photoshop.

    Buy the time i'm ready and have saved up i'm hopin' the new iMac and 13" MBP are out...but the way Apple does biz who knows.

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