Seidio iphone4 desktop cradle review

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    May 15, 2011
    First off, I love the packaging of all Seidio products. The plastic container it comes in was easily removable with no scissors needed or broken nails. The Seidio desktop charging cradle and Innocase Active for Iphone4 I received from my friend were both out of their boxes, set up, and running in seconds.

    Although I was pretty skeptical about the desktop cradle at first, after only using it for less than a week, it has come a long way from my previous assumptions. The cradle feels solid, but at the same time it has a soft-touch look and feel to it. The cradle is functional and attractive. It even has rubber on the bottom to keep it from sliding around on my desk. The power LED is on the back, where it isn’t as visually distracting or in the way of my typing on the computer (even now while writing this review!)

    The phone fits into the cradle tightly, yet it is easily removed. However, the fact that you do not have to remove the Innocase from the phone is what really catches my attention. All you have to do is remove this separate insert that it comes with, and Viola! It is easily accessible whenever I receive a phone call/text and keeps my Iphone safe from accidentally snagging the USB cord and falling off my desk. It also prevents me or anyone else from tripping on the A/C power cord. You could blame my clumsiness or just simply believe that this product is worth buying.

    As for my Innocase, it is made well to fit perfectly with my Iphone4. The fit is snug and has an attractive look to it that is sure to catch one’s attention.

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    Has anyone else tried this cradle? I am interested in getting one.

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