Seidio (Platinum Series) surface case


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Jul 20, 2011
I got the platinum series surface case at best buy, without kickstand. For some reason Seidio themselves aren't selling one without kickstand but they make the platinum series ones for best buy and made one without a kick stand.

I really like the case but it is not a perfect fit, there is some movement up and down within the case. Not a lot, but enough to annoy me and make me want to bring it back. I tried on all the other colors in same case and they all did the same thing, frustrating.

Anyone know of other cases that are just like the seidio surface series that I can buy?


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Oct 18, 2012
Logan, Utah
BUMP! I am in the same boat, I love the look of the surface case and that it has a kickstand but can't deal with any movement.


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Apr 5, 2011
I don't know if it would be acceptable to you guys but have you tried putting something thin in the case to fill the micro space for a perfect fit?

For instance, I tried one of these cases on at best buy but I still had the back part of the plastic protector that comes on the phone and it was a snug, tight fit. Maybe a small piece of paper or cloth rolled up or something? Maybe worth the effort if otherwise, you love the case.

Just a thought
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