Select homemade movies are grayed out but playable???

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    I shoot a LOT of home video and use the exact same process for going from raw footage to :apple:TV videos (typically FCP X to ProRes File through Handbrake to yield the :apple:TV m4v file). Long story short: I choose to store our home videos as "TV Shows" in iTunes so they can be easily organized by year in :apple:TV. I've done this for years (since gen 1 of :apple:TV came out) and it's always worked perfectly.

    I have an :apple:TV3 with the latest software update. Browsing through some of my "seasons" of home videos, I noticed 2 entries in long lists of other "episodes" in those years were grayed out (as if the line item entry in the tv show list had transparency for all of the text (title, date, blue dot) turned up to about 50%.

    At first, I thought maybe iTunes had "lost" the location of the files but when I click these 2 entries, they play just like any of the others on :apple:TV. So functionally, there's no apparent difference between these episodes and the rest of the episodes shot and processed the exact same way. In other words, I have a list of- say- 20 "episodes" (all of my home movies shot that year) in each of these "seasons" and 19 of them look normal but 1 is grayed out... but playable just like all of the others.

    There's an instance of this in 2 of my "seasons" but all of the other "seasons" will show their 20 "episodes" as expected (no grayed out episodes). I've looked at the files themselves in Quicktime and there's nothing in the Inspector that is out of line vs. other home movies in those same seasons (for example, bit rate is not out of bounds vs. other files in the same folder and it's well below the specs of what the :apple:TV can handle).

    I also opened those with these issues and several others without in Subler to compare tagging entries head-to-head to see if I can see any differences in how they are tagged. Again, no obvious differences (no weird chars, etc).

    Any suggestions? I'm very sure they were not always this way as we do watch our home movies fairly regularly and these are from back in 2010 and 2009 (I'm certain I wouldn't have just discovered this issue now). From my perspective, it's like :apple:TV3 is just choosing to show these 2 titles as more transparent than the rest of the list.

    I tried an online search for this but didn't find anything. Any ideas?

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