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  1. Alexis64 macrumors newbie

    Feb 5, 2013
    I've been using Gmail since 2004; I have thousands of collected contacts, many of whom are people I sent one or two emails to years ago.

    I've been using Thunderbird since 2007; I have hundreds of collected contacts, most of whom are related to a job I don't have any more, though they sometimes are useful for networking.

    I have a huge database of phone contacts, which I to sync to Outlook and to our corporate calendar server. Personal and professional contacts are mixed, since I used to have a non-Apple phone that didn't sync labels and got out of the habit of using them.

    Merging all of these contact lists would be a disaster.

    I use Trillian for IM; I have hundreds of IM contacts collected over more than a decade, some of whom are connected to specific profiles (for example, I have separate IM identities for work, for friends, and for online dating.) There's nothing but my brain connecting someone's IM profile and their email address or phone number, though Trillian does let me view buddies by a name or nickname I choose instead of their IM handle.

    Is there an app that will store all of my contacts in the cloud and let me SELECTIVELY sync data to and from various places like Gmail/Google, my iPhone, Thunderbird, Outlook, IM clients, etc.? A setting that would let me automatically archive contacts I haven't used in 2 years would be even better.
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    Feb 13, 2011
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    On your iPhone, easy. Each account you add that allows contact syncing is kept separate, even if you have elected to view more than one at a time.

    The iPhone doesn't merge account info except for viewing.

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