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Dec 30, 2021
Hi there!

First I want to declare, this thread is NOT a promotional post of some products. I want to share my experience and maybe want to be inspirational for other people. I will share links to my used products so people can do the same.

My first Mac was a MacBook Pro 5,5 (mid 2009) and I was the first one in my family with a Mac. A year later my father was excited about Mac OS X so he bought the 15" version with the high res anti glare display. Back then I loved that Mac more than mine but couldn't afford one. Over the years I always had admired this beautiful design language of the books, power combined with a matte screen and silver bezel. I also liked the Airs because of the silver bezel, but couldn't be friend with glossy displays. At home I have a few older Cinema Displays with matte screen and they're still great.

Used material

The reason why I write this all down? Well my beloved and still going strong MacBook Pro 13" Retina (late 2013) has gotten a screen replacement almost 3 years after purchase, but the anti glare coat went off again and it has bothered me since then. So I decided to be a little experimental with my MacBook as it's now 9 years old and if something goes wrong a replacement wouldn't be that expensive. In the internet (mostly I saw them on Reddit) there are many people who removed the anti glare coat with Listerine mouthwash so I wanted to remove the coat as well. Since the very first Retina MacBook Pros Apple has always problems with the anti glare coat which will remove from wear from time to time (called Staingate).

This was the screen before cleaning:


So I bought a bottle Listerine and tried to carefully rub the anti glare coat off. It was a 2hrs job and after all the screen was glossy but clean.


After that I ordered an anti glare screen protection from Amazon and fitted it on my screen. It now looks very good.


Now I had my non reflecting screen which was now much better to use outside or on tables near the window. Sure the colors aren't that bright anymore at daylight but this is the same with the new Apple Studio Display and the nano texture surface.
After a while I found on Etsy a shop called Cliqueshops who makes display bezels for several MacBook models. I asked them if they have also some vinyl foil which has the same silver shade as the housing of MacBooks. They had one and made a special custom order for me with also printed MacBook Pro writing at the bottom. So I ordered one and a few weeks later they delivered. Quality is very good, fitment is also very good and it gives my MacBook Pro a new looking. The look I always admired from the bigger 15" and 17" Unibody MacBook Pro's.

At the very end the MacBook in my eyes looks very beautiful. But have a look by yourself:




Feel free to share your impressions of my "improvement" of my MacBook Pro. I know it's now very aged but it still runs perfect so I don't think I'll replace it within the next 2-3 years :)
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Jul 19, 2009
Great Post! I still have my 2015 MBP 13" only 94 battery cycles. Bought it brand new. Still loving it! Great photos and if I need the listerine I see how it came out!
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