Sell My 2006 Mac Pro? and Other Aggravating ?s

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Semiopaque, Oct 8, 2008.

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    Oct 7, 2008
    Hi all,

    New to the forums, been searching and reading for awhile and kinda reached a point where I need some more direct advice. Sorry if this ends up too long but need to add some history as this is all part of my decision.

    Quick background: The company I work for is closing and I was able to aquire the following relatively cheaply in the last 3 months due to liquidation:

    • G4 1999(?) Sawtooth 450 running OS9
    • G4 2001 Quicksilver 733 running OS9
    • Mac Pro 2006 Dual 2.66 Xeon running Tiger
    • various IDE hard drives, some Wacom tablets, buncha old Mac keyboards and mice, some super old app software (MS Office for OS 9, PS 4, Illustrator, Freehand), etc.
    • a brand new AMD 6400+ processor
    • a brand new Rosewill RX850 PSU

    I've been an operations guy for 8 years so it's pretty much all been MS stuff for me. I already had an HP a1730n at home running Vista 32 bit at home. I'll be adding a Dell Optiplex 3.0 GHz dual P4 running Win XP Pro 32 in a couple of weeks. I also bought a Sonnet USB 2.0 card for the G4s to add a wireless adapter and bought a copy of OSX Tiger which I put on the Sawtooth (the functionality of that OS on a basically 10 year old computer really got me interested in Apple). Also was given some RAM to get the Sawtooth to 1.5GB and I put some of the IDE drives into it and configured them into several partitioned OS X RAIDs to see how PS CS3 ran on it with the scratch disk running off the RAID (not too bad given the hardware btw).

    Anyhow...I want to start with what I want to do w/ my hardware.
    1. - learn CS3 (I have the Design Premium and want to learn the basics of all of it),
    2. - understand OS X better (I'm going back to school for networking and knowing Macs in addition to MS products seems to be a healthy niche to fill).
    3. - need to run latest Logic Studio (this is for fun)
    4. - I want to run and learn some Autodesk software (Maya and maybe 3D Studio).
    5. - I can't dump the PCs as I need to run MS Server 03, XP and Vista for learning my new 'career'
    6. - I need hardware longevity at least 2-3 years or so even if it means upgrading processors or other minor parts in a year or so once I make my final decision

    I've ended up with a few potential options and questions:

    Mac Pro -

    Lot of reasons to keep this, but will the motherboard bottleneck my system even if I upgrade the processors?

    If I keep it, I'll be putting in 4-8 GB RAM and 4 Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST3500320AS 500GB HDDs (assuming those will work), maybe 3ware 9650SE-4LPML RAID controller (I have heard this may work, not sure), do I upgrade to Leopard or wait for Snow Leopard? How does Vista 64bit work on this (I've done alot of research but couldn't find an answer that made me feel warm and fuzzy)?

    I could sell it and use the G4s to learn CS3 until I buy something new. I could use the proceeds to build a new Windows PC, buy a new Mac Pro, or wait and buy a Macbook Pro if they come out with new ones in a few months (I will likely need a laptop sometime soon anyhow and I don't see any reason not to go Mac on a laptop nowadays). What would be the performance and longevity difference between this 2006 Mac Pro and purchasing a new one?

    Right now, I'm leaning towards selling the Mac Pro, selling or giving away one of the G4s or maybe selling the parts, building a new Windows PC, and waiting for new Macbook Pros to come out - I hate to lose the processing power of the Mac Pro, though, so I kinda want a new Mac Pro...I will likely change my mind by tomorrow...GAH!!!

    Any advice from anyone who made it all the way to the end of this ill-constructed post would be appreciated.

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    Well, CS3 will suck sooner or later on both G4s. You mentioned you already have/will have 2 PCs? Why not keep the Mac Pro, sell the G4s, sell the Parts, sell the wacom tablets (keep one if you want to learn/try it)... selling all of this should give you enough money for a MacBook Pro (maybe a refurb or something). You end up with your 2 PCs, the Mac Pro & and a new MacBook Pro, I'd say that setup will easily last 3+ years for the tasks you mentioned.

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