Selling a used iPhone 3GS... what do I need to know?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by 1984, Jul 8, 2009.

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    Jan 1, 2005
    I have an iPhone 3GS that I need to sell (probably on eBay) and want to be sure I do everything right before I list it.

    :apple: It was deactivated (no service) at the AT&T store when they activated the replacement.

    :apple: I reset/erased all content.

    :apple: When it is turned on now it shows the Sync with iTunes screen, pressing the info button on that screen displays the EMEI and Serial number.

    :apple: The SIM card that came with it is still inside.

    Is this the correct way to prepare one for sale? What does the person buying it have to do to activate it? Take it to AT&T or can they do it through iTunes at home? Maybe even just swap SIM cards if they currently have an iPhone?

    I see a lit of used iPhone 3GS's going for crazy money on eBay, more than the "early upgrade" pricing. Why are they going for so much? Not that I would be complaining! Thanks for your help.
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    Take out the SIM card. It isn't good anymore.

    EDIT: Geez, I have no idea what I just did, but I wasn't even close to finished... Anyways...

    If the buyer currently has an AT&T SIM it would definitely be worth trying that first. If it doesn't work, and they can't activate it through iTunes, then yes, they will need to go to AT&T. Perhaps someone else can give more details as to the actual process.
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    The reason the 3GS's are going for so much on ebay is partly due to limited availability, but also due to the true cost of purchasing the phone.

    For example, a 32GB 3Gs is $300 with a 2-yr contract. You also have to pay the $36 activation fee. In order to get out of the contract with the phone, you must wait 30 days, thus paying a month of service (minimum $70). Finally, you must pay the early termination fee, which is $175. This all totals $580. Add on top of that the fact that few people are willing to go through all this, and the fact that it's a new product, and you get to the $700-800 price tag you see on ebay.

    Or, they could just purchased a legally unlocked iPhone directly from England (phone for $1,365.69USD + shipping.

    EDIT: Apparently you can also buy directly from ATT brick and mortar stores by asking for an unlocked phone. Costs $599/699.

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