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Oct 5, 2009
Los Angeles, CA
Hello folks I needed some advice on selling my old mac pro 1.1.

Here are the details of the machine.

- Firmware has been updated to 2.1
- Quad core 2.66 ( 2x 5150's)
- WD Black @ 250Gb
- WD Green @ 1.5 TB
- 12 GB of memory
- EVGA 570 GTX 2.5Gb
- Original 7300 from Apple.
- SSD HD tray

Missing from the workstation is the Apple wifi card so no bluetooth as well. I currently have a TL-WDN4800 wifi card. Its missing 1 HD tray.

I was thinking of throwing it up on ebay for about $375-400 as is. Is this a fair price? for the listed machine.

My work just gave me a decked out 15"macbook pro is the reason for me to sell my old workstation.



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May 20, 2015
I think it's completely a fair price. Could probably even get a little more. Quad core, 12gb ram and a gtx 570. I'd list it as is on ebay and explain the missing wifi card and bluetooth. Buyer gets a good price and good machine, you get some cash out of it because you won't use it. Win-win. You'll love the 15" MBP. If you don't mind me asking is it retina? If it is you're in for a real treat. Absolutely in love with my rMBP.


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Nov 9, 2007
Honestly i think $375 is a little high looking at the trending price on ebay, its currently trending at $265 USD. (ebay listings) Back in February i got a 1,1 for 212.48 from poweron on ebay. yea it didnt have 12gb of ram. thought i would share my two cents. hope you get what your wanting out of it.


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Nov 25, 2009
Ocean State
You could probably start at $375 and see how high it goes.... I doubt you will get more than that at current pricing however but good luck!
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