Selling advice for rMBP 15 maxed HW (late 2013)

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    Although this is a "Buying Tips" section I would like to ask a question related to selling. Please accept my apologies if I am writing on the wrong forum section.
    I have a rMBP 15 Late 2013, maxed hw configuration (1TB. 16GB, 2.6GHz,nv750M) + super drive + thunderbolt to Ethernet. What is considered a good selling price for Australia? The price I get from the Apple website is ~4200aud. Do you think 3500-3700aud is a good price? The laptop is in perfect condition. The reason I am selling it is because I am a Linux user and this machine has a lot of driver issues with Linux.

    I also want to ask you what other steps are necessary when you sell a macbook pro to another person? Do I also have to give my apple id details to the new owner of the laptop (or he/she can create a new one)?
    Thank you.
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    That price sounds reasonable. What you want to do is boot in to the recovery tools and erase your disk and then install OS X again. Do not enter your Apple ID anywhere. That Apple ID is yours. After OS X is installed and it boots in to the Welcome/Setup screens, use the power switch to force the poweroff.

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