Selling iMac, surviving on White Macbook while travelling, for a few months?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by alexjholland, Nov 3, 2016.

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    May 3, 2011
    Bali, Cambridge, Sydney.. anywhere.
    Hey, I own these two computers:

    iMac i7 (2010)
    - 1TB SSD for system files, programs, 150GB iTunes library and samples
    - 3TB disc for keeping GoPro files

    MacBook White (2009)
    - 750GB/8GB SSD Hybrid drive
    - No battery
    - Broken digitiser cable (monitor doesn't work)

    I mainly produce music and edit photos, although also edit GoPro videos. And there should be many more videos coming, as I'm moving to Australia in January for at least a year and am likely to travel around some more, so obviously a Macbook Pro 13" with a 1TB SSD is what I'm looking at.

    Unfortunately, even with around £700 for selling my iMac, I'll be lucky to raise £2,000 before leaving, given I need cash to put down on a property out there on arrival.

    I'm thinking of selling the iMac and spending a little cash on the White Macbook, so it can get me by, until I have the cash to buy a top-end MacBook Pro.

    - Where would you recommend getting a Macbook White battery, which won't explode?

    - Has anyone replaced their digitiser cable? Pretty sure this is what's broken.. Basically my backlight only works at certain angles.

    - Can I put iTunes onto an external disc while on this White Macbook, then move them all onto the hard drive of my MacBook Pro, once I've bought one?

    I also have a 2TB and 4TB disc drives.. Will likely take the 4TB for my iTunes library + any other lesser-used files and back them onto Amazon Drive regularly. Good idea?

    Any other tips for surviving post iMac, but pre Macbook Pro on this white Macbook?
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    Jul 6, 2008
    I have the aluminium Macbook unibody from 2008 and i'm certain that the White Macbook you are discussing shares the same battery. You won't find any more official batteries from Apple and the secondary market are known to be poor quality with short charges, so you'll definitely need a cable to connect to mains power.

    Consider all your options but the money you would put towards the White Macbook would probably not be worth it and would have almost zero resale value. I'd suggest you look at getting a MBP refurb or doing what you plan to do in the future and buy the new MBP.

    I am still using my Macbook Unibody and while it functions I use it to write scripts and surf the web and thats all. I have a 1TB SSD and 8GB RAM. I should have gone with the previous iteration of the MBP but now I don't want to buy 18 month old technology. I'll keep using the Unibody until it really stops fully working.

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