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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by, Jul 7, 2010.

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    Hey folks,

    I've seen conflicting reports here, so I just wanted to get a definitive answer.

    If you purchase an iPhone 4 from at&t premier, can you just sell the phone outright on eBay, or do you need to activate it yourself first? I'm using the upgrade on an existing line, but plan to keep the existing device.

    Do I need to remove the SIM card?

    I only ask because I see a ton of these things going onto eBay still shrinkwrapped and locked to at&t, so it makes me think I can just ship it out without doing anything to it...

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    If you bought it off the shelf as a no contract phone no problem. If you bought it from Apple or AT&T with a discount or online there's a chance that the phone may be locked to your information. That happened to me but I sold mine locally so I was able to activate the phone for the buyer and then pull the SIM card and it worked fine.

    The concern is, of course, that if it is locked to your information and you ship it to a buyer you'll either have to have it shipped back to activate or share personal info with the buyer such as the billing zip and last four digits of your social with the buyer and trust them to throw away the activated SIM (which may deactivate your SIM in the process).

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