Selling iPhone 4, want next version - Next Steps please? Advice needed

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    Oct 1, 2011
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    Hi everyone, newbie here. I am interested in upgrading early to the new iPhone when it comes out (assuming it's a "5" and not a "4S").

    I have tried to read up on here but there's no guide to this but I know folks do this so I am seeking your advice and guidance.

    So I sell my iPhone 4 and use a temporary phone before I get the 5.

    1. How can i get a regular SIM that would have my number to fit in the other phone - call AT&T?
    2. Do I need to do anything at this time regarding my line's account(assuming the iPhone ships in less than a month after release)?
    3. When the 5 is announced and I'm ordering it - is there an option for current owners who want to upgrade so I can just maintain my number? How do I ensure I maintain my number?
    4. Assuming 3 above is not possible, do i just order the 5 with another number and pop in my microSIM? (but this means a new account....?)
    5. Is there anything else I have missed?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. MaxBurn macrumors 65816


    Nov 25, 2010
    There are microSIM to standard SIM adapters. It's just a plastic tray. I used to move my ipad SIM to my 3GS that way.

    The rest of the questions need to be referred to your carrier.
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    Jul 14, 2010
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    Answers are above in Bold.

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