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    Dec 31, 2011
    I can trade in my iphone 4s for $35 through Verizon or sell it on eBay for about $100. Couple of questions though.

    1) iphone is in great condition aside from some blemishes on the back side outlining my case. Any idea what would be good to try to get rid of these blemishes? They aren't scratches, but almost like imprints that are tough to get off. Wondering if there is a solution maybe I could try to get them off.

    2) My battery doesn't hold a very long charge on the phone. Either I will mention this in the listing or put in a new battery. Any idea where I can get a new battery or is this even worth it?

    3) is there anything I need to do to the phone before selling it? I see a lot of ebay listings calling the phone carrier unlocked.

    thanks guys
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    Unless you want to stick with Verizon, I believe you can do better trading in your 4s with T-Mobile or Sprint. As far as trying to remove blemishes, probably not a good idea as it may make them worse. You can buy a new battery for the phone from several on line resellers for around $15.00 as long as you can replace it yourself. The ifixit site has instructions and tools.

    But to be honest, I would just sell the phone as is on eBay. Just be sure to let prospective buyers know about the blemishes and battery. Before selling the phone, sign out of iCloud and "Find my iPhone". Reset the phone with iTunes.
  3. roniphon macrumors member

    Dec 8, 2015
    Amazon, Ebay - could be the best places.
    Also I would recommend you to have that promoted on the local market and local boards.
    That is better to buy/sell to the person when you meet in real life.

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