Selling my computer. What should I delete?


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Jul 12, 2007
OK, I just posted another question, but suddenly realized I have a whole separate issue that I need advice on. I hope it's not too crass to post two threads like this.

I'm selling my PowerMac to get a MacBook or MBP. One of the selling points that my buyer wanted is that I have Tiger, iLife '05 and some other pretty good software. Also, I've lost the original install discs for most of that stuff. So I can't just wipe the drives clean.

I'll be deleting my personal files after I move them. Is there anything I should be worried about, privacy-wise, or any precautions I should take? I don't have any military secrets or kiddie porn on the computer, but there is probably some stuff I wouldn't want a stranger to find. Any advice?

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Apr 27, 2006
Once you've put everything in the trash, click on the Finder in the menubar and select "Securely Empty Trash". It isn't perfect, but it will greatly lessen the chance of someone being able to un-delete anything you wish to private.

Another suggestion would be to create a new administrator account, and delete your old one. Afterwards, be sure to delete any disk images in the Users folder. This will get rid of any preferences or other files applications may have stored in your home folder.