Selling my dented MBP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by tmiw, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. tmiw macrumors 68000

    Jun 26, 2007
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    So a while ago my 2010 MBP fell out of my backpack onto asphalt. A new hard drive and cable later and all's well--well, except for the dent that is enough to interfere with using the Ethernet port.

    Fast forward to now. I want to sell that MBP since I can't really justify having two MBPs in a one-person household. I'm considering getting a new top case from eBay and swapping the components out (~$100-140 depending on if I want to bother transplanting the keyboard and trackpad). Assuming I disclosed what happened to the laptop regardless, would I get significantly more if I did the top case swap before selling? By "significantly" I mean more than I would spend obtaining the parts in the first place.

    Thanks in advance! I just wish the denting never happened. :(
  2. trevm999 macrumors member

    Nov 5, 2013
    It is possible the Ethernet port could be damaged as well. I had one come into the shop with a dent there, ran Apple Service Diagnostic and found that the port was bad too. Then the only way to fix that is a new logic board or finding someone who specializes in soldering to replace it.

    And for replacing the top case, make sure you key one with the keyboard. There are 50 small screws holding the keyboard in to the top case and the screws are officially not reusable. Not to mention there is a shield covering that area on the top case that would need to be replaced. The trackpad is easy to transfer though, however the screws in it are also officially non-reusable.

    A company that refurbishes could get more money for it if they did the repair. It is possible that you could get more money for the macbook too, but it would probably sell faster if you didn't do the repair and had a lower price for it. It also depends how much you value your own time and how much experience you have with repairing Macs (and the possibility that something could go wrong during the repair).

    If I was buying a used Mac, I would prefer to buy one with the dent and not have to worry about someone doing a poor repair job and the possibility of a screw falling out of the keyboard and shorting the logic board.
  3. tmiw thread starter macrumors 68000

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    San Diego, CA
    The Ethernet port worked the last time I tried it, but it was extremely difficult to insert a cable into it.

    What kind of screws are required?

    This is true. I've definitely opened Macs before, but never something as intensive as removing all of the components and transplanting into another case.

    I'll have to think some more. I'd definitely attempt the case swap if I was keeping the machine, but it might not actually be worthwhile to if I'm going to sell it.
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    I doubt you would get "a significant" amount more (enough to make it worth your time) I sold a 13" C2D MacBook Pro with a bad battery, cracked trackpad, and dings, for $75 more than I payed for it 6 months before. Look around see what equivalent models sell for and then list it below them. If somebody really wants a MacBook Pro but cant afford one, they will go for a beat up one just to have it.

    A year ago I wanted a Mac, I could afford a MacBook (white 2009) but I found a dinged up, cracked trackpad, MacBook Pro for the same price, I wanted the faster one, so I went with a beat up one :)
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    Replacing the top case without another keyboard is entirely possible, I hav done it, but I would totally recommend spending an extra few dollars and getting the one with the keyboard. There's a little plastic sheet with adhesive for the keyboard that doesn't like to be reapplied, and it tears easily and is a PITA to be honest. But selling dented could go either way, that's up to you.

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