Selling my iPad 2 (Question for iPad 3 owners)

Discussion in 'iPad' started by mtnDewFTW, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Hey guys, I'm sure that these questions might have been asked before, but I feel like I'm in a bit of a unique position, because I personally do not want the new iPad that badly, and I was looking for some advice.

    I currently own an iPad 2 (16GB, 3G) and I love it. I had it replaced about 2 months ago, and it is in perfect condition. No scratches, no bumps of any sort. It practically looks brand new. When the iPad 3 first came out, I was joking around with a friend and said I should sell mine and get a new one. I guess the word spread, and her friend now wants to buy my iPad for his 5 year old son. He asked me how much I would sell it for, and I really didn't wanna rip the guy off, or sell it for too cheap, so I went on craigslist and saw what the asking price was. I told him $450 and he agreed.

    So, I'm about to sell it to him in a few days and I don't know if I will regret this or not. I got my iPad for free as a present from work. Now I'll need to pay $100 for a the new one (I won't be getting 4G because in the year of owning my current iPad, I've only gotten the data plan once, if I need internet, I'll just use my iPhone as a hotspot), so I'm planning on settling for the WiFi only 16GB model, which is only $550 (with tax in my state).

    And here are my questions to the people that own the new iPad:

    1. I've been reading about some things that have been going on with the new iPad. Is the temp, screen color (some say it's yellow), or battery life a problem for anybody? Is it actually problematic in anyway that seems to be very wide spread across all users?

    2. Are you overall happy with your purchase (if you were in my position, would you pay the $100 to upgrade from the previous iPad?)

    3. For people that own 16GB models, is space a problem? I see that the new retina apps take up a lot more space than the apps did before. I don't put any music or movies on my iPad, so it's pretty much apps only, is 16GB enough for most people? I don't put on a ridiculous amount of apps on my iPad, 20 at the most I'd say.

    Thank you for your time, I know this is an awfully long post, and I appreciate the people that take their time and help me figure this out.
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    1) No issues here. My screen color is not yellow and I never took a jewelers loop to the screen to check for other defects. I also have no light leak that some have seen. Obviously, look and see how it looks to you but don't obsess over it.

    2) Yes, easily worth the $100 if you look at the overall package, what was upgraded and how the value will retain better over the next year.

    3) I had a 16gb iPad before and realized that it was almost too small. I'm using a 32gb now and love that I have that extra room for the slightly bigger retina apps and the photos and videos that I love toting around.
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    In reply to your questions yes it takes longer to charge you have to decide for yourself if that's an issue. Retina is amazing but if you own the Ipad 2 you will not notice the difference because you are use to that screen and it's as good as a PC screen. Retina is actually better text is crisp.

    No issues here with screen temperature aslong as you don't go sitting it next to Ipad 2's to compare the screen is warmer but that's just how it was with the Iphone when it went retina so you soon become use to it. Any smartphone or tablet has a different screen to be honest.

    16GB is fine. I wish i got a 32GB as there's no room to actually store movies/tv shows on it really. The app updates are not too big a problem the bigger games I can't store on it as I have about 50 apps and some tv shows so can't get it all on it. If you are running out of space on your Ipad 2 maybe consider a bigger model. Personally I'd save money and wait for Ipad 4 before going 32GB. Get the 16GB as it's not a major update only screen really.
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    I rcvd mine on opening day. It works great for me and while the occasional extra warmth is noticeable it's not a deal breaker. I also don't look for problems. I can read, look at movies and respond to emails so I'm fine.

    The screen is so much better than my moto Xoom I don't see what people are complaining about. But hey, maybe mine IS perfect.

    Even so I do know a few people who've opted to stay with the 2, primarily the extra heat while watching Netflix and the extra time it takes to fully charge from 10%. That bit is noticeable. My Xoom could charge from 0 to full in less than 2 hours (of course the screen is dull and lifeless) but the new iPad takes a good 6-8 hrs. With many folks claiming much longer.

    Personally, I'd just go for it if I were you. Once you have it just enjoy. No real reason to go looking for defects

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    Thank you all for taking the time to reply! I will definitely be getting the new iPad. To be honest, the screen is cool and all, but the biggest catch for me right now is that I can get the new iPad and sell it for the 4th gen for hopefully a good price, instead of sticking with this one that will have very little value in another year or so.

    I don't really care about the screen color/the heating problem people have been talking about. I actually rarely ever play games on my iPad, so I think I'll be okay. I mainly use it to read my magazines/news, email, Facebook, and watch the occasional movie on one of the tv channel apps or stream something from my iTunes library. The only real concern I had was if 16GB was going to be enough for space for me to store all my apps.
  6. xdbuix macrumors 6502

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    1. No problems.
    2. Enjoying it everyday
    3. 16 gb was more than enough for me. I got a hundred songs on it, one movie, n a lot of apps including lots of retina apps. I got infinity blade 1 n 2, modern combat and a few others, and lots of non retina apps. This including a gb free
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    Nov 4, 2008
  8. noteple macrumors 65816


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    LTE for me is faster than WiFi and can bail you out when WiFi is saturated.

    Screen is no contest. You wont know how much clearer until you see someone else's tablet.

    The new camera is actually usable. Great stills and sharp video. The one in my iPad 2 was just meh.

    Extra RAM, IOS now has more headroom. Subjective but I would expect a smoother experience moving toward the next IOS release.

    I would get the 32 over the 16GB. Between the better screen and camera I am using more memory for video media.
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    Just a quick update for anyone who might care..

    I ended up selling my old iPad and got the new one. I can now say that it's completely worth the $100 extra bucks I paid for it. For anyone who is skeptical about selling their iPad 2, do it. It's a huge upgrade, even though it doesn't seem like it. The screen just looks amazing (and it's not yellow or defected in anyway, I actually checked).

    A part of me feels like this is what the iPad 2 should have been like.

    Thank you all for supporting me and telling me to pull the trigger and get it. I'm super happy with my purchase, even though I had to wait about 5 days to get it because they kept being sold out in every Apple store in my area (the white models are almost impossible to get)

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