Selling my iPad... Please help.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by IamHermann0069, Mar 3, 2011.

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    I know this is probably going to sound stupid, but I have never sold anything online so I just want to make sure this all sounds legit.

    I posted my 64 gig iPad Wi-Fi+3G with charger and official Apple case on facebook market place. I figured I would test that market before I tried eBay. I had several responses within the first 20 minutes. The best offer I received was $700 + whatever shipping would cost. This is more than I was expecting to get but she offered to pay with PayPal. I am going to send her a paypal "Request Money."

    My questions:

    Is there anything that I should watch out for with this? Is there any way she could screw me over?

    I obviously haven't shipped it yet so I think I will just add some money on the top for shipping. How much is too much? I am going to FedEx 3 day it. Should I just say $20-$30? Making the total $730.
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    Me personally, I prefer Craigslist because whenever your dealing with PayPal (and these are just stories that I've read), the people will send you the money and you will ship them your merchandise (in this case, iPad) and then a few days later they will dispute it with PayPal and say that you never shipped them the product, PayPal will refund them the money under "Buyers Protection" and your left with nothing.

    With Craigslist I only accept case, and right next to my bank is a Starbucks. So if I ever sell something really expensive, we just meet up at Starbucks, if the buyer agrees to buy my item from me, then we head over to the bank and I have them verify that the money is not counterfeit.

    It may be a little extreme, but I would rather be sure its all good.
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    watch out..... there are some nigerian scammers who do this. also be careful cuz they send out emails that look like from paypal... if u dont see the money in ur paypal account. dont ship it out.
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    Getting more than expected and shipping the item = Watch the **** out!

    Especially if Western Union is involved. I would advise either Craigslist or an established place like eBay where you can see some type of history of the buyer. Never used FB Marketplace... honestly never heard of it before.

    [EDIT] Oh and also be aware that this person could claim the item came damaged or never received it and Paypal could side with them in a dispute. I had this happen with a cell phone. The buyer sent me back a completely different phone and I was left out in the cold. Paypal took the money back out of my account. Not trying to scare ya too much, just wanna give you some examples of what to be aware of...
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    I too am considering selling my iPad within the next day or so and will most definitely use CL.

    I have sold quite a few expensive items on CL and have never been disappointed. I always state that I only accept cash and mandate that we meet in a public place during the daytime. On occasion, I will bring a friend just because. I might get a few bucks less than eBay would yield me but I do not have to ship, insure, etc the item and do not have to pay eBay fees. Net net is probably the same IMO.

    Always remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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