Selling Old MBP, parts advice

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    I'm selling my wife's 2010 15" Quad i7 MBP so she can "upgrade" to an air. It's got a few dents, and the camera doesn't work. Has all the cords, but no box.

    I added a 256 Crucial M4 last year with a data doubler for the 500 GB hard drive. Also put in 8 GB of RAM instead of the stock 4.

    Do you recommend I put it back to stock and add the superdrive back into the laptop or sell it as is, and keep the superdrive (that I put into an external enclosure) for myself?

    Given that it's dented up, I feel that the SSD will keep the price higher (hoping for around $600). But I know that the SSD is more valuable than the superdrive, so I kinda want to keep it.

    Thank you for your input!
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    I'm with you... I would leave the SSD in to increase value. I would sell the Superdrive along with it to make the deal more attractive so the new owner can always put it back in if they want to.

    For little more than the cost of an optical enclosure, you can just buy yourself a new external optical drive like this one.
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    What does a few dents mean? If it's in relatively good shape you're looking at at least 900 bucks, especially with those upgrades.

    I'm not with you on selling it with the SSD. Sell it with the hard drive in the bay, and put back the superdrive. Sell the DataDoubler with it. Keep the SSD... imho
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    Craigslist in the area is showing around 850 for similarly specced mbps sans dents.
    Here is the corner it was dropped on.

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    Thanks for your thoughts.

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