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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by jota73, Mar 20, 2007.

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    Does anyone knows where and how can I send pictures for selling.. I mean, there should be a place where I can upload my photos and who is interested pay royalties for the right to use it... am I clear?

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    What you're looking for are called "stock agencies" and most of them have pretty strict submission guidelines, Getty is the largest of these. There are so many photographers now that getting in with a good agency where you'll make real money is very, very difficult.

    There's a new class of business called a "Microstock agency" that generally have less stringent requirements, but also pay significantly less money.

    You'd probably do much better selling pictures locally if you shoot anything that's considered fine art.
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    Go to and search under "books" using the key words "stock photo" (in quotes) You will find over 1,000 books that try to tell you how to sell your photos as you describe above. Some books list agencies that buy photos and what each is looking for. Other books are specialized (example "How to sell black and white wedding photos.")

    You have to figure that if Amazon thinks they can sell 1,000 titles on this subject there must be hundreds of thousands of photographers buying these books. You will be competing with all of them.
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    Stock Photography

    Definitely, if you want an easy way to sell pictures, I would say find a good stock photo site. I have been using Fotolia ( for a few months and made about $50 so far. Not bad, considering I just uploaded old shots I had already taken. They sell small versions (1200x800 pixel, I think) for $1 each and give you half, but that adds up easily, and its not like you're giving away the full high quality version to anyone for really cheap.
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    The stock industry worldwide is huge. Alamy is reckoned to be the biggest online resource (11 million images and rising :eek:).

    Check out the site...
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    well, i'm sometimes buying pics from for $1 per pic or so.

    after looking at fotolia i think dreamstime is better (at least for scientific pics).

    alamy seems to be on the expensive side.

    i guess it really depends on how good your pics are. if it's just simple shots that people like me use to beef up a praesentation then there is not much money to make. because the pics you get for $1 are usually good enough (and in theory you could download them at flickr for free but i don't like that. so i rather pay a buck)

    does somebody have a good overview what all the different licences are?
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    Stock Agencies

    First off can I say that I can not believe that people are simply uploading images to flikr and the like for nothing - there's gold in them there hills.

    There are loads of different types of agency out there. Considered hot at the moment are the micro-stock sites, where the individual price of a pic is low but the overall amount you make can be significant.

    I have been making use of three of them - all of which have been paying out quite well. The models that they use are different so some pictures make much more on some sites. Only way to test this is to upload the pics.

    Try the following links to the main three sites.
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    What kind of photos are you trying to sell? Supply and demand determines the price.
    The images that bring in money seem to be rather stylized or "edgy" photos of business professionals in professional looking settings. Typically these are models shot on a studio set not "real people". Not many people do this kind of work. But on the other hand if you have some shots of sunsets taken at the beach, well there are 10,000 others with those kinds of images. The people who make money at this seem to be both very prolific and have developed a defined style or look hat sets them apart from the others.

    Here is a good summary article

    Google for "stock photo" (in quotes) and you will get more info than you can read

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