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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ame8199, Apr 29, 2016.

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    I have my Macbook pro listed on Ebay to sell.

    When I wiped the hard drive, it returned to OS Utilities. I have 10.6 disc so when I went to reinstall the OS, it wants my Apple ID. I don't want to put my Apple ID as Im afraid its going to be connected to the computer then

    Is there a way around this and still install the OS for the new owner?

    I have a question on my listing about if she will be able to sign in and if it will have an OS on it. I want to say yes but I can't get by it.

    The disc I have are for 10.6 but when I put it in the drive, it comes up as Maverick.
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    It sounds like you were running on Mavericks then booted to recovery and erased the drive yes? Can you still command-r boot to recovery? It sounds like you can. If so, go ahead and do that then make sure you erased the drive with Disk Utility then quit Disk Utility and instal Mavericks. It will ask you for your AppleID to allow the install, but that does not connect your AppleID to the computer. It just allows the OS download. The only issue will be if the new owner ever wants to reinstall, they will not be able to since they have not "purchased" Mavericks, so their AppleID will not have permission to DL Mavericks.

    Thing is since Mavericks is no longer available for purchase, the new owner will not ever be able to get Mavericks attached to their AppleID for a clean install should they want to. What they could do is just purchase El Capitan from the Mac App Store in Mavericks then they could always use their AppleID to clean install to El Capitan.
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  4. ame8199 thread starter macrumors 6502

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    yes I was
    yes I was running Maverick when I erased the hard drive. I went back and read some other threads on this issue after I posted this! Ive went though the Apple Support article on selling your mac.
    Im installing Maverick really the DVD Install disc will be no use to the new owner? Is there a way to make sure my Apple ID is not attached to the computer in any way? I went though all the steps of the support page before I erased.

    Thank you! I just want to give them the proper information.
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    Not true, as stated previously the new owner will not be able to download/re-install Mavericks since it was downloaded/installed by you from your account. Weaselboy is correct that the re-install of Mavericks will not have your Apple ID on the new computer if you follow the Apple Support article.

    You should provide the original install DVDs that came with the computer in case the new owner needs them for future troubleshooting and repairs. Not including the original install DVDs is a incomplete computer system.
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    I ha
    I have no problem including the original instal DVDs. I was just asking since they can't get Maverick...what happens when they put in the Install disc to reinstall the OS

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